Friday, 11 November 2011

Review of Carbohydrate Detox

I have to say that this time around it was much harder to do this detox. After 2 weeks of eating a lot of carbs in the form of pizza, pasta and bread, I found it very tough to last on this detox. I think that’s why I caved in after the first day (Monday 7 November). I am very happy that I was able to bring in my will power and stayed on the detox for the three days.

As per my previous post on this detox, I had lost 3.3kg over the 3 days. This time I only lost 1.1kg. This really surprised me this morning. The only thing that I think could have contributed to this could be the many cosmos I had consumed on day 2 and also the sudden lack of fiber over the last 3 days could have contributed to the small weight loss. I have to say though I am not discouraged by this small loss as it is still a loss and I am also very proud of myself for raising my level of activity that I do on a daily basis. I have made a great effort this week and I have hoped onto the treadmill everyday.

Even if the scales didn’t reflect what I was expecting, I do feel a lot lighter and less bloated. I am looking forward to eating vegetables and fruits again.

How do you feel after a detox?

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