Monday, 21 November 2011

Long weekend of trash

As the week ended, my healthy habits started disappearing. Friday was a day of eating only 2 meals instead of 6 small meals. Had a late breakfast, which would most likely be classified as afternoon tea and a large dinner of Chinese food. Unfortunately, there was minimal movement that day so it felt like I was just carbing it up and storing the fat away.

Saturday started healthily until it came to lunch-time and I had some left over Chinese food. I felt very full from lunch and skipped my protein snack. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be eating again until about 10pm that night. I attended a party and ate about 6 cheese and crackers and ate my dinner in an alcoholic liquid form. Best part and worst part of the night was when we all decided to play some drinking games. Worst part was finding out that I had lost and had to drink a cup full of tidbits of drinks that had been poured in (I think there was some Smirnoff Black, Vodka Cruiser Raspberry and Coke).

I am lucky that I don’t experience the dreaded hang over because I had also enjoyed 2 Jager bombs and some pre-mixed drinks the night before. 

Started out Sunday quite well until I caught up with a friend and went out for the day and indulged in an array of junk foods. We ate a burger from Hungry Jacks, a devil’s chocolate thick shake, some hot chips with tomato sauce and coke. Dinner was pizza. 

I felt so heavy and bloated when I hit my bed that night. I just felt like I was expanding. Luckily we did lots of walking around that day but I think that may have only burnt some of that Whooper that I had.

As we were driving home, I was telling my friend that I was actually craving some vegetables as my body just felt polluted. My taste buds were most likely screaming in disagreement but broccoli was on my brain all night after that pizza.

How did you spend your weekend?

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