Sunday, 6 November 2011

Downward Spiral

The heading says it all.

Everything has been spinning out of control. The eating has been minimal (2 meals a day) due to irregular sleeping of going to bed in the early hours of the morning and sleeping in until the afternoon. Exercise has been scarce. I’ve had no energy to workout or to build the motivation to. Quality of the food hasn’t been the best either. It’s been a lot of high carbohydrates foods and a deep craving for sweets.

Although I haven’t put on the weight that I had previously lost, I do feel quite funky in my body and very much over eating what now feels unhealthy (last night alone was a feast of carbohydrates yummy Italian food which consisted of cheese bread, risotto, pasta and pizza).

So it’s time to get back onto my eating and exercising program and for me to start crossing off some the goals that I set for November.

Let me know how you get back into your routines after slumming it for a while.

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