Thursday, 17 November 2011

Weight & Measurements update

A week has come and gone. Time to jump onto my bathroom friend and reveal the magic numbers.

A sense of excitement overcame me as I patiently weight for a few seconds and then I look down to see; 94.3kg, a loss of 1.8 kilos. A small win but at least it’s a win and I am not going backwards. Only 5.3kg before I get into the 80kg range. I can’t wait to see those scales start with the number 8.

In terms of measurement, I haven’t lost much, only 1cm on the thighs, chest and waist. Shrinking very slowly. As mentioned previously, I have been listening to a podcast called “Cut the fat”. On the podcast they mentioned that weight could be lost at a greater rate if both cardio and resistance training was incorporated. I will be doing some research to incorporate the resistance exercise that I need to melt my wobbly bits.

What type of resistance exercise do you do?

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