Friday, 25 November 2011

Incorporating resistance exercise

I have been researching different resistance programs for me to incorporate into my workouts. As I trolled through the net I kept coming across one in particular, the P90X program.

I YouTubed and read quite a few blogs on others experiences with the program. I was amazed by how much their body had changed over the 90 days of being on this program. So I decided to join the gang too.

So far I’ve had it for a few weeks and have just been staring at it with utter intimidation. I completed the pre-workout tests to make sure that this was the right program for me and it was but that’s all I’ve done so far. I’m not sure why I am so intimidated to put on the workouts. I have a feeling that it may be because I already in my mind that I won’t be able to complete all the exercises and if I actually partake in the workout that that will it make a reality.

Anyway I am hoping that I will be able to face the music this week and get in at least one workout. From what I can see so far the workouts are target area specific. For example, one of the videos I watched concentrated on the chest and back and another concentrated on legs and back. I noticed that a portion of the videos incorporated the abdominal workout at the end. If one was to each specific workout daily then they would be doing the ab workout every second day.

I decided to take my laptop with me so that I would be able to do the workouts from there. I thought ‘no more excuses’ especially while on my mini break since there will be quite a bit of eating with the relatives.

What workouts do you do while on holidays?


  1. Oh Jody-Ann your question just made me cringe lol. I took before photos as suggested by the P90X program. They suggest to take it in your underwear to see the results better. After looking at the photos I was stunned at how all my bits looked magnified.

    I think I will need to build up come courage first and then I'll put them up.

  2. I know people who do the P90X program. I like a *lot* of the exercises in this program! But, depending upon your current fitness level, it could be pretty hard. I'm not being snobby about fitness when saying that because...I just had my butt kicked by a hot yoga session on vacation.

    So just stick in there and be more concerned about consistency and,personally, I wouldn't worry at all about before and after pictures--unless that feels fun to you. Do whatever makes *you* most motivated. This is about *you* not anyone else. Good luck,but mostly--have fun!

    :-) Marion

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment and advise Marion :D

    I have been intimidated by the P90X program for a bit now. I don't know why but I can't seem to shake it. Your words have really encouraged me and I hope to get a workout in sometime this week.

    Would love to hear about your hot yoga session as I've wanted to do session for quite some time. It's called bikram yoga here in Australia.