Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week 3 Summary

A week of celebrations and fun has brought me back to earth after seeing the numbers on the scale.

Last week ended on a great note, I had a second interview for a position that I was interested in and I was going away with friends for the weekend. We went camping near a beach. It was great with lots of laughs and fun in the sun. Some of my friends even caught some fish that we had for dinner. After a drinking card game and lot of red wine I somehow ended up making out with the only single guy that came camping. Not something I’m all that proud of but I guess it something in the moment. Following the camping trip, I couldn’t move much for few days due to sleeping on the ground had bruised the soft tissue on my ribs.

I eagerly waited for Monday to come, as that was the day I was to find out whether I had gotten the position or not. I must have checked my emails and phone every 5 minutes that day to see if something had come through. At 4:30 pm I got the bad news that I had come a close second for the role and that they would like to keep as a back in the event that the candidate they hired didn’t meet the criteria’s. I was a little down as I wanted the role but I was also a little relieved as the location of the role was less than desired and I would have had to drive there.

Approximately 30 minutes later, my phone rang and had an interview lined up for the following day. Tuesday morning came and it was time to step onto the scale and see the magic numbers. Unfortunately, it had not shown the lovely numbers I had seen last week. It went up. I am now 94.7 Kg. A little alcohol (well I lie a lot of alcohol) and a little bit of junk food has catapulted my weight up by 2 Kg (massive jump). I had considered starting a bit of detox but thought I would skip it as I had a close friends birthday celebrations that day and my own in a few days.

Off I went to the interview. I think I did well but all HR workers are nice and friendly so it’s a bit hard to gage. Started out well at the birthday drinks, I only had 2 glasses of white wine and then water. But then some bought me a scotch and I couldn’t resist, as it’s my fav drink. After three scotches, it was time to leave and get home.

Wednesday night I went out to celebrate my birthday with friends and had a lovely dinner followed by some dessert at Max Brenner. Boy that place will give you diabetes automatically. I had the banana crepes and the filling was so rich. I wish I had shared it with someone as I was overly full after eating it.

Thursday was my birthday. Yay!!! 28!!! It seems so surreal. I still feel like I’m 18 at times. Entering the late 20’s is somewhat scary. Especially when almost of your friends are married, expecting or already have kids and here I am, on my own. I am not one to normally look too deeply in terms of ageism but I am really feeling the pressure for some reason. In 2 years, I will hot the big 30 and all I’m hoping is that by then that I am not alone.
I’ve been hitting the online dating scene a bit and I’ve chatted a few people but it seems as though I am only half hearted about it. At times I am very empowered and then at times I get down and think that once they see me they may not be interested as I am curvier than the norm. Guess I’ll find out as I have a few dates lined up this week.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 2 Summary

I have had a productive week in terms of being a job seeker but not so much in terms of exercise. I am still trying to figure out my next step in terms of what I want to do this year and the goals I want to achieve.

Diet & Exercise:

I still have been quite lazy in the workout department but by some miracle I have lost almost 2 kilos. I went from 94.6 kg to 92.7 kg. So since this is the lowest I’ve weighed since starting this journey to weight loss. I have to say that I haven’t been the most disciplined but I am happy that I am a lot more conscious of the things that I put into my mouth and really ask myself whether it is really worth it.

On the diabetes forefront, I had a blood test last Monday to see how I am tracking. Great news, my insulin is no longer as lazy as it was. It still needs a bit of a boot in the backside but I’m on the road to recovery. Bad news is that I am completely failing in the vitamin D component. It ended up being worst than the blood test taken 6 months ago. So vitamin D tablets are my best friends right now.


The week has been filled with viciously applying for work at the start of last week and filled with interviews towards the end of last week. I had 4 interviews and two of them were with an agency, who I have yet to hear from. I just found out that I am up for a 2nd interview with a company and role that I am really interested in. I really hope I get it as my previous workplace are now considering terminating role due to the illness they have caused. Getting this role would be a godsend.

Keep me in your prayers this week :)


I felt as though I was in an episode of Days of our Lives or Bold and the Beautiful on Sunday. Mr Sydney was casually saying hello to me via sms and it turned into a declaration of his feelings for me and how he wanted to explore it further. I questioned him in terms of his current situation (being and living with his ex and all) and from what I gauged from his sms was that he was thinking of he and I being in a relationship. I was considering it as I thought that he would be leaving his girlfriend.

The following day the conversation sounded completely different and I questioned him once more and he bluntly expressed that he wanted to remain with his girlfriend and that he and I should be friends with benefits. I was so annoyed as I had told him that I wasn’t comfortable with being ‘the other woman’.

Haven’t spoken to him since.  Although I had offered to be friends, I think it may be best if I just stop communication with him now as he just seems to be playing games and I can’t encourage someone to cheat on their partner. Also, I don’t think that I would be able to resist his advances if we hung out. 

So goodbye Mr Sydney.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Week 1 Summary

The week has been a bit of a rollercoaster in all aspects of my life.

Diet & Exercise:

Eating has been reduced to 2 meals a day as I have been sleeping in until midday as I am someone stuck in a bad pattern of going to bed at 3 to 4am. The benefits of that have been less mindless eating and I have dropped the 2 kilos that I have gained over the holiday period. I am now back to weighing 94.6 kilos.

This feels like I am in some sort of purgatory of remaining within the 90 kilo range as I seem to continuous gravitate within the 94 to 96 kg range.

Exercise has been on the down low. Haven’t had the motivation to workout at all this week.

I saw my doctor on Monday and he decided to do some blood work to see how this insulin issue of mine is going. I should go see him today to get the results but I am a bit reluctant to do so as I don’t want to hear that it is the same or worst that I have diabetes.


Well my previous employer is still giving me grief but I am furiously searching for another job. I have been looking on the recruitment site daily and applying for work like a mad woman. I think I have applied for over 40 roles this week (guess that’s why I haven’t had time to exercise).

Received 2 calls for interviews this week and went to both yesterday. One was directly with the employer, who seems quite nice. Only problem with that particular job is that I would have to drive to work instead of catching public transport. Other than that the role itself sounds interesting and the workplace seems ok.

The other interview was with the agent. It went well and she will be putting me forth for the role. So fingers crossed that the employer is willing to see me as this role is in beautiful Sydney CBD.

I am very excited at getting back in the workforce and having an income again.


Haven’t put myself out there after having a bad date with a guy that literally made me heave and want to vomit on the drive home. But a friend of mine made a pass at me on NYE and we ended up making out.

I normally have very strong rules about friends only being friends but I don’t know what came over me that night. I just flowed with the moment. That same moment ended being repeated last Friday night. We had a good talk though just to set thing straight that if anything should happen that we will just be friends and we won’t let that hurt our relationship.

How has your first week of January been? Have you kept up with your resolutions?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review of December goals

Looking back on the set goals for the month. It seems as though most of the fitness goal were just touched on or begun. They weren’t something that was completed on a regular basis. For example, eating 6 small meals a day, walking 10K steps and doing the Couch to 5Km program were done sporadically throughout the month. Eating small meals would only be done when I had been organised enough or planned for it. Walking 10K steps would only be completed when I had remembered to put the pedometer on or knew where the pedometer was so I could put it on (things always seem to go walkabout at my place). I have been pretty good with the P90X program though as I have completed the workout daily.

I have to admit that the lack of not achieving those goals were my decision as I could have squeezed in one a workout before going to a party but I simply just choose not too. Guess sticking to my health and fitness goals will have to be something that I will need to work on in the New Year.

Personal goals have come along great. I have updated my resume and sent it to over 20 jobs. Received 3 rejections, 1 position filled and have been shortlisted for one role (not too sure whether I want this role or not as it is only a part-time role).

I have de-cluttered and re-organised my wardrobe.

I have somewhat become more organised at home to some level. My room has somewhat has less clothes thrown around it but this is still a working goal.

Last but not least getting back into the dating scene. Got back into it by taking friend’s advice of doing online dating. Received quite a lot of emails from potential suitors but 2 caught my eye. One lived in another state (no future there as we would hardly see each other) and the other lived in Sydney (for privacy reasons he will be named Mr Sydney).

Mr Sydney was looking great in my eyes. We had quite a lot of things in common like we both spoke French, had similar morals, religious beliefs, values, etc. I have to say that I haven’t been this head over heels for someone since my first crush when I was a little girl (approx 6ish). We had very interesting conversations and there was chemistry when we met.

Mr Sydney was moving apartments within the week that we met. We had talked about our exs and the reason why we had left them and his reason seemed quite silly. So when he told me that his ex was coming to pick up a few things that he had found while cleaning his old place, I knew that their history and story wasn’t finished. The way that he spoke of her sounded like she was his soulmate. So I bit the bullet and gave him some friendly advice and counselled him on getting her back. I know this will sound odd but it was the right thing to do.

This month felt like I had a big turn around in my life. How was the last last month of the year for you?