Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week 3 Summary

A week of celebrations and fun has brought me back to earth after seeing the numbers on the scale.

Last week ended on a great note, I had a second interview for a position that I was interested in and I was going away with friends for the weekend. We went camping near a beach. It was great with lots of laughs and fun in the sun. Some of my friends even caught some fish that we had for dinner. After a drinking card game and lot of red wine I somehow ended up making out with the only single guy that came camping. Not something I’m all that proud of but I guess it something in the moment. Following the camping trip, I couldn’t move much for few days due to sleeping on the ground had bruised the soft tissue on my ribs.

I eagerly waited for Monday to come, as that was the day I was to find out whether I had gotten the position or not. I must have checked my emails and phone every 5 minutes that day to see if something had come through. At 4:30 pm I got the bad news that I had come a close second for the role and that they would like to keep as a back in the event that the candidate they hired didn’t meet the criteria’s. I was a little down as I wanted the role but I was also a little relieved as the location of the role was less than desired and I would have had to drive there.

Approximately 30 minutes later, my phone rang and had an interview lined up for the following day. Tuesday morning came and it was time to step onto the scale and see the magic numbers. Unfortunately, it had not shown the lovely numbers I had seen last week. It went up. I am now 94.7 Kg. A little alcohol (well I lie a lot of alcohol) and a little bit of junk food has catapulted my weight up by 2 Kg (massive jump). I had considered starting a bit of detox but thought I would skip it as I had a close friends birthday celebrations that day and my own in a few days.

Off I went to the interview. I think I did well but all HR workers are nice and friendly so it’s a bit hard to gage. Started out well at the birthday drinks, I only had 2 glasses of white wine and then water. But then some bought me a scotch and I couldn’t resist, as it’s my fav drink. After three scotches, it was time to leave and get home.

Wednesday night I went out to celebrate my birthday with friends and had a lovely dinner followed by some dessert at Max Brenner. Boy that place will give you diabetes automatically. I had the banana crepes and the filling was so rich. I wish I had shared it with someone as I was overly full after eating it.

Thursday was my birthday. Yay!!! 28!!! It seems so surreal. I still feel like I’m 18 at times. Entering the late 20’s is somewhat scary. Especially when almost of your friends are married, expecting or already have kids and here I am, on my own. I am not one to normally look too deeply in terms of ageism but I am really feeling the pressure for some reason. In 2 years, I will hot the big 30 and all I’m hoping is that by then that I am not alone.
I’ve been hitting the online dating scene a bit and I’ve chatted a few people but it seems as though I am only half hearted about it. At times I am very empowered and then at times I get down and think that once they see me they may not be interested as I am curvier than the norm. Guess I’ll find out as I have a few dates lined up this week.

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