Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review of December goals

Looking back on the set goals for the month. It seems as though most of the fitness goal were just touched on or begun. They weren’t something that was completed on a regular basis. For example, eating 6 small meals a day, walking 10K steps and doing the Couch to 5Km program were done sporadically throughout the month. Eating small meals would only be done when I had been organised enough or planned for it. Walking 10K steps would only be completed when I had remembered to put the pedometer on or knew where the pedometer was so I could put it on (things always seem to go walkabout at my place). I have been pretty good with the P90X program though as I have completed the workout daily.

I have to admit that the lack of not achieving those goals were my decision as I could have squeezed in one a workout before going to a party but I simply just choose not too. Guess sticking to my health and fitness goals will have to be something that I will need to work on in the New Year.

Personal goals have come along great. I have updated my resume and sent it to over 20 jobs. Received 3 rejections, 1 position filled and have been shortlisted for one role (not too sure whether I want this role or not as it is only a part-time role).

I have de-cluttered and re-organised my wardrobe.

I have somewhat become more organised at home to some level. My room has somewhat has less clothes thrown around it but this is still a working goal.

Last but not least getting back into the dating scene. Got back into it by taking friend’s advice of doing online dating. Received quite a lot of emails from potential suitors but 2 caught my eye. One lived in another state (no future there as we would hardly see each other) and the other lived in Sydney (for privacy reasons he will be named Mr Sydney).

Mr Sydney was looking great in my eyes. We had quite a lot of things in common like we both spoke French, had similar morals, religious beliefs, values, etc. I have to say that I haven’t been this head over heels for someone since my first crush when I was a little girl (approx 6ish). We had very interesting conversations and there was chemistry when we met.

Mr Sydney was moving apartments within the week that we met. We had talked about our exs and the reason why we had left them and his reason seemed quite silly. So when he told me that his ex was coming to pick up a few things that he had found while cleaning his old place, I knew that their history and story wasn’t finished. The way that he spoke of her sounded like she was his soulmate. So I bit the bullet and gave him some friendly advice and counselled him on getting her back. I know this will sound odd but it was the right thing to do.

This month felt like I had a big turn around in my life. How was the last last month of the year for you?


  1. You're trully an inspiration for many keep at your fitness goals. I know its tough to eat healthy all the time and not give in to treats but think of certain foods as "gateway drugs" for me, its been sugar and processed foods. When they are not in my system I feel so much better but as soon as I introduce them in again I want more and feel just awful.

    You did the right thing with Mr Sydney even if it was the hardest. good things come to those who wait and work at it : )

    happy 2012

    thanks for visiting my blog Hope to see you there more often.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hope I do stick to being more healthy and also find another good guy like Mr Sydney :P I really enjoyed your posts so I will definitely be dropping a line here and there :)

  3. Great job! Goals are something to work toward and not be perfect at. You're doing great. I just take each day at a time and reflext.on it, what do I want to do better tomorrow, etc. I also need to start scheduling workout times and such, like in my actual calendar. But that's just me.
    Here's to a wonderful 2012 and sticking.with all our goals. It is goinf to bd a.goos year!!
    And wow for Mr. Sydney!! I can't believe you did that, you are so awesome. Hopefully he appreciates it!

  4. Thanks for that advice, it's a great way of looking at it. (Something to improve on the next day).

    I schedule my workout in my calendar but I find that I too often just click disregard instead of actually doing the workout.

    I was telling a close friend of mine about Mr. Sydney and how perfect he was but I had to throw him back and she gave me the oddest look. When I explained that he had already found the girl for him she got it and understood that I didn't want to be treated as second best.

    Mr. Sydney and I are now friends. We check in on each other here and there.

    Hope I get to find my soulmate out there this year.