Thursday, 29 December 2011

P90X Workout & before photos

I can finally say that I have finally decided to stop being intimidated and finally pressed the play button.

I did my first workout (the Chest & Back video) on Thursday 22 December and it felt great. I was a bit scared as to how much I would be the following day. The next day came and I was fine. Minimal pain and I could still move.

Tried the Plyometrics video on Christmas Eve and holy mother of pearl it was challenging. I only made it through half of the workout. Going to try it again though.

As they say ‘keep pressing play’.

I pressed play again yesterday and it was time to redo the plyometrics workout. I was determined to complete it this time. Though I have to say that towards the end I did opt to not do some of the workouts as I was complete wiped by then. The trainers of that workout were right. That is ‘the Beast’ of all workouts. I am definitely not looking forward to the next time I have to do that workout again.

Here’s my before pictures.  It's very confronting to see these. Here’s to better looking pictures in March 2012.

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