Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 2 Summary

I have had a productive week in terms of being a job seeker but not so much in terms of exercise. I am still trying to figure out my next step in terms of what I want to do this year and the goals I want to achieve.

Diet & Exercise:

I still have been quite lazy in the workout department but by some miracle I have lost almost 2 kilos. I went from 94.6 kg to 92.7 kg. So since this is the lowest I’ve weighed since starting this journey to weight loss. I have to say that I haven’t been the most disciplined but I am happy that I am a lot more conscious of the things that I put into my mouth and really ask myself whether it is really worth it.

On the diabetes forefront, I had a blood test last Monday to see how I am tracking. Great news, my insulin is no longer as lazy as it was. It still needs a bit of a boot in the backside but I’m on the road to recovery. Bad news is that I am completely failing in the vitamin D component. It ended up being worst than the blood test taken 6 months ago. So vitamin D tablets are my best friends right now.


The week has been filled with viciously applying for work at the start of last week and filled with interviews towards the end of last week. I had 4 interviews and two of them were with an agency, who I have yet to hear from. I just found out that I am up for a 2nd interview with a company and role that I am really interested in. I really hope I get it as my previous workplace are now considering terminating role due to the illness they have caused. Getting this role would be a godsend.

Keep me in your prayers this week :)


I felt as though I was in an episode of Days of our Lives or Bold and the Beautiful on Sunday. Mr Sydney was casually saying hello to me via sms and it turned into a declaration of his feelings for me and how he wanted to explore it further. I questioned him in terms of his current situation (being and living with his ex and all) and from what I gauged from his sms was that he was thinking of he and I being in a relationship. I was considering it as I thought that he would be leaving his girlfriend.

The following day the conversation sounded completely different and I questioned him once more and he bluntly expressed that he wanted to remain with his girlfriend and that he and I should be friends with benefits. I was so annoyed as I had told him that I wasn’t comfortable with being ‘the other woman’.

Haven’t spoken to him since.  Although I had offered to be friends, I think it may be best if I just stop communication with him now as he just seems to be playing games and I can’t encourage someone to cheat on their partner. Also, I don’t think that I would be able to resist his advances if we hung out. 

So goodbye Mr Sydney.


  1. Bad news on the love front but great news about weight and insulin!!

    1. Really bad news on the love front. Got a message from him at 2:30 am last night about how unhappy he is with his life. I feel like he's tormenting me with these little games.

  2. Its always good to have balance! work, play, rest, exercise....good luck in your journey!

    1. It's so hard trying to find the balance though.

      Thanks for wishing me luck in my journey.