Thursday, 12 January 2012

Week 1 Summary

The week has been a bit of a rollercoaster in all aspects of my life.

Diet & Exercise:

Eating has been reduced to 2 meals a day as I have been sleeping in until midday as I am someone stuck in a bad pattern of going to bed at 3 to 4am. The benefits of that have been less mindless eating and I have dropped the 2 kilos that I have gained over the holiday period. I am now back to weighing 94.6 kilos.

This feels like I am in some sort of purgatory of remaining within the 90 kilo range as I seem to continuous gravitate within the 94 to 96 kg range.

Exercise has been on the down low. Haven’t had the motivation to workout at all this week.

I saw my doctor on Monday and he decided to do some blood work to see how this insulin issue of mine is going. I should go see him today to get the results but I am a bit reluctant to do so as I don’t want to hear that it is the same or worst that I have diabetes.


Well my previous employer is still giving me grief but I am furiously searching for another job. I have been looking on the recruitment site daily and applying for work like a mad woman. I think I have applied for over 40 roles this week (guess that’s why I haven’t had time to exercise).

Received 2 calls for interviews this week and went to both yesterday. One was directly with the employer, who seems quite nice. Only problem with that particular job is that I would have to drive to work instead of catching public transport. Other than that the role itself sounds interesting and the workplace seems ok.

The other interview was with the agent. It went well and she will be putting me forth for the role. So fingers crossed that the employer is willing to see me as this role is in beautiful Sydney CBD.

I am very excited at getting back in the workforce and having an income again.


Haven’t put myself out there after having a bad date with a guy that literally made me heave and want to vomit on the drive home. But a friend of mine made a pass at me on NYE and we ended up making out.

I normally have very strong rules about friends only being friends but I don’t know what came over me that night. I just flowed with the moment. That same moment ended being repeated last Friday night. We had a good talk though just to set thing straight that if anything should happen that we will just be friends and we won’t let that hurt our relationship.

How has your first week of January been? Have you kept up with your resolutions?


  1. That's really great that you already took off your holiday weight! Wonderful!

    :-) Marion

  2. Good for you in taking that holiday weight off and thanks for coming over to my blog. I do have a bit of help with the lapband but it has been amazing how much better I feel after having cut out the 'white stuff' from our diets.

    Although you risk losing a friend if the relationship thing doesnt work out you also have the potential to put together a meaningful husband is after all also my best friend :) Good luck with the love is tough thing.


    1. I am trying really hard to give up the white stuff but I'm finding it very difficult as we eat rice dishes every night. Trying to slowly cut down though.

      I don't see it getting out of hand with my friend. Don't think it will ever evolve into relationship. I rather keep him as a good friend. Just hoping that it doesn't get weird that's all.