Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Restarting the Detox Phase

I restarted the carb detox phase yesterday and it didn’t quite go as planned.

I had planned a meal and exercise schedule as you can see below.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go to plan. I woke up quite late (afternoon approximately 1:30pm) it was quite hard to catch up with all the eating and exercise that I had scheduled.

I was able to do a 30 min walk on the treadmill and also took my door for a walk for an hour. I thought I was on track and then somehow the TV dial ended up on the Food Channel. After seeing some wonderful Greek cooking, I went straight to the rice cooker and served myself some rice with some chicken, then had some Sao biscuits with cheese and butter and indulged in some fun size Kit Kat and dairy milk chocolate.

I didn’t feel as guilty as I thought afterwards but I did vow that I would not do it again and that I would stick to this detox.

This morning I woke and had to attend an appointment in another suburb and the first thing I thought of was that there was a sushi bar near the location of my appointment. I spent a good 20 minutes talking myself into eating sushi for lunch and that it was quite and that I shouldn’t feel guilty for it. After agreeing with all my good arguments and getting into the car I realised that I was cheating and sabotaging myself and that I couldn’t stick to something.

So as I reversed out of the driveway I decided not to have sushi for lunch but instead went shopping for some clean lean meats. I bought some beef steak, bacon, salami and prosciutto (I know the last few items aren’t exactly clean lean meats but they were on special).

I decided to take some of the advice that I had heard on the “Cut the fat” podcast and pre-prepare some of my meals. I cut the bacon into rectangular pieces for the amount of a 100 grams and stored them into freezer bags and stored them into the fridge. I did the same with the steak and stored enough for a few meals for the detox and put the remainder into the freezer.

Tomorrow I will be purchasing a BBQ chicken and sectioning the chicken in the same manner.

How do you prepare for your detoxes or diets?

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