Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Review of Phase 1: Carbohydrate Detox

Wow! I don’t believe that I was able to last 3 days without any vegetables, fruits, sweets, bread and rice. I am so proud of myself for being to keep up with the first stage of the program. Also, I am proud that I did not succumb to the norm and cave in and listen to that little voice in my head that normal tempts me.

I have to say so far I haven’t had many cravings. In one of my earlier posts I did mention how I was offered a fun sized Mars bar and was very tempted to eat it but now I walk past those Mars bars and don’t even think about them. I guess my mentality has changed over the last few days and I am both mentally and physically ready to lose this excess weight that I have been carrying around.

So this morning, I quite eagerly walked to the bathroom and had a showdown stare with the bathroom scales. I hopped on and thought the scale may have been a bit off (mind you this a digital scale). I hopped off and hopped back on and I had the same results.

Weight prior to detox: 96.2kg

Weight post detox: 92.9kg

I lost 3.3kg over 3 days. I am still quite speechless over that number but in a good way. I am very intrigued at the total amount will be by the end of the week.

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