Friday, 7 October 2011

The search begins...

What is the search for this thinner person that is conceived in the mind all about and why do we keep looking?

I have been on this journey and have embraced both ends of the spectrum. I have been my thinnest and my heaviest,only to restart the cycle yet again.

What drives us to stay on this never ending roller-coaster?

This blog is the beginning of my new expedition to the skinner me. Its purpose is to record my journey of successes and tribulations, for me to be truthful to myself (both physically and emotionally) and be accountable for my actions or lack thereof.

The goal of this journey is to lose 30 kilos by 15 January 2012 and also to have a clearer understanding as to why purchasing a ticket to the never ending roller-coaster of fat and thin is stuck on repeat.

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