Sunday, 23 October 2011

Low carb & sugar supermarket purchases review

During my week of introducing good carbohydrates into my eating from my carb detox I went on a bit of a shopping rampage to find low carbohydrate and sugar items. At first it was to find dessert items such as sugar free lollies, etc and after a few days of eating salads and watching Nigella make a carrot cake, I was obsessed with finding a low carb and sugar version. I found a few and bought the ingredients (have yet to make the cake) and while shopping I cam across the Low Joule Lemon Cordial.

The cordial is lemon flavoured and has less than 1 gram of carbohydrates and sugar. I thought I would try it seeing since it was on special and to my surprise it was delish! Nice lemony flavour without being sweet. Since there are no indication on the label that it is all natural lemons, it does make me wonder what I’m really drinking but I try not to ponder on that too much. For me this is a great alternative for when water just doesn’t it. For others this may be a good replacement to a soft drink full of sugar.

I did notice that the cordial flavouring tends to go to the bottom of the glass while drinking. I have noticed this on two occasions as I took a while to finish my glass (about 20 mins while eating).

I also bought some Weight Watchers Jelly after finding one sachet from the kitchen cupboard. Had a lovely raspberry flavoured jelly and bought two more sachets and two strawberry jelly sachets. Since there’s only 9 calories for the entire sachet I am going to use this as my dessert craving replacement.

I would love to know if you have come across a good food item or drink that has been low carb and low on sugar.

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