Monday, 24 October 2011

Weight & measurements update

A week ago I started out at 96.2kg. After 3 days of eating only protein I weighed 92.9kg (a loss of 3.3kg).

Now that the week has gone by the numbers can be revealed and I am now 94.5kg. This is a gain of 1.6kg after incorporating carbohydrates in the form of veggies and bread in the morning and an overall loss of 1.7kg.

I think instead of thinking negatively I am going to try and be happy that the needle is moving in the downward direction.

Here are measurement updates and photos:

I have noticed that my stomach region doesn’t feel as big and bloated as it did previously. The jeans that I wear feel large around my upper thighs and also around the buttock area. There’s still a long way to go but hopefully I’ll get there by January.

So since starting I have lost an overall 11.5 cm. The areas that have dramatically decreased are my hips with a loss of 4cm and chest with a loss of 2.5cm.

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