Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day 1 of Carbohydrate Detox

Day 1 started out well with a lovely breakfast of 2 poached eggs with salt and pepper at the very early hours of 11am.

Yes, I had slept in on my very first day of a lifestyle change. How behind I was, I kept thinking. As always that bad cop voice kept reassuring me that there were plenty of hours to go and not to stress about it too. So while eating my breakfast I started reading about how the blogging world operated as I’m a newbie and commenced writing my second and third blog which surprisingly took quite some time to write as I tend to constantly re-edit my sentences.

Throughout that time I had consumed my first snack of the day. A can of Japanese style flavoured tuna. (Completely forgot to take a photo).

As I looked at the contents of the can I was hoping that it would taste as nice as the photo on the jacket of the can. To my surprise it wasn’t too bad, not earth shatteringly tasty nor did it taste like dry wall.

Once I had put the finishing touches onto my second blog, I looked at the clock and to my surprise it was 4pm already. Not long till dinner, I thought to myself. So I russelled up some yummy fish balls clear soup with chilli sauce added to it. As you can I see I have a bit of a substance abuse with chilli. Our relationship started out at the inedible stage and progress to an experimental one which back then was like having the flames of hell in my mouth. Now I'm a  complete addict and I'm forever seeking that kick and extra zing that you get when you add chilli to food.

[For those of you who do not know what fish balls are; let me just say that they are not testicles of fish lol, I mean look at the size of these fish balls lol. I think the best way to describe it is that fish balls are an Asian product which consist of fish flakes being mashed up with shallots into a ball.]

By 6pm I had a few errands to run and ended up having my second snack, a can of tuna in springwater.

This will be my snack for the next few days as there are quite a few cans in the kitchen cabinet and the flavoured tuna cans seem to have disappeared. I have a feeling that springwater won’t be tasting all that great by day 3 lol.

Since I had my snack so late, dinner would have to be postponed until a few hours later. After looking at my pedometer and seeing the shock horror of having only completed 1,000 or so steps I decided to hop onto the treadmill for an hour.

After a lovely shower it was time to eat my dinner. By then it was nearing on 9.30pm. Roast chicken thigh here I come.

You can tell I wanted to eat as I completely forgot to take a photo and you are now looking at the aftermath.

What proceeded were a few hours of relaxation followed by my last snack of the day prior to going to bed, good old tuna in springwater.

I am very proud of myself for resisting my first temptation; a fun size Mars bar that was offered to me. It was very tempting and once I layed eyes on that Mars bar the inner battle began. The good little voice was telling me that I should not give in and that it was not worth it but the bad little voice inside my head already had a good rebuttal and was stating that I should reward myself for successfully completing my first day and that I could burn it off tomorrow during my walking.

At that point I decided to concentrate on the movie I was watching and popped a sugar free mint into my mouth and pretended like that fun size Mars bar was not on the coffee table where the person that had offered it to me had left it.

As I crawled into bed and removed my pedometer, an ickyness came over me as I knew I was well off from 10,000 steps. My grand total for the day was 4,331 steps.

I guess my goal for day 2 is to get out of bed a lot earlier and to move my jelly a lot more to reach my step goal lol.

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