Friday, 7 October 2011

A truthful confession

The truth. What is the truth?

The meaning of truth is a fact or reality. The fact is that we all know the truth to weight loss, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.  As they say reduce energy intake and increase energy expenditure. But the reality is that although we all know this truth we ignore it. We all seek for a holy grail of weight loss, a miracle cure that will bypass all this hard work. Because deep down we don’t want to commit to this truth because the modern world has taught us that life nowadays is all about convenience and making things easier for oneself.

My truth is that I am smart, too smart for my own wellbeing. I know what I should be eating and that I should really get off the couch and move but I choose not to do it. The scary part is that it’s a calculated choice that I consciously made. An inner debate within myself, the defender aka the good cop, who is trying to fight a losing battle of constantly trying to get me to eat healthily and do the right thing. Then there’s the temptater aka the bad cop, who is constantly refuting alternative scenarios of things that I could be enjoying instead of doing the right thing. For example, instead of eating a lovely grilled chilled breast I could be a yummy grilled chicken burger from Hungry Jacks and instead of walking my adorable dog I could be laying on the couch with him enjoying an action movie.

The only time I have been able to embrace the good cop character has been when I have been completely committed and dedicated to the cause of losing weight and most of the time it has been all for the wrong reasons (unhealthy competition between friends, to try and keep a boyfriend, to try and get a boyfriend, to fit into a dress for a wedding, etc).

This time it has to be about me.

As I said before I am too smart for my own wellbeing and that’s how things get taken for granted and abused. Well I have accomplished at doing that very well. While at the doctor for a blood test to check if I had a virus that was causing some bowel problems, the results came back clear with a resistance on my insulin level. As the doctor put it, my insulin release was a bit lazy. How fitting, not only was I lazy but that proved that my pancreas too was lazy.

I was advised by the doctor to reduce my intake of carbohydrates to regulate the insulin release so that it would not lead to a complete shutdown in production, in other words diabetes. As I am still young (27 years old) and that it is early stages this can be reversed. I was told this approximately 3 months ago.

Since then I have tried numerous times to reduce my intake of carbohydrates only to be beaten by my own bad cop and give in to the idea of my cravings.  I am hoping that by being truthful in my blog that I will understand why I always seem to listen to the bad cop and almost never to the good cop. Also I hope that I will have your support on this weight loss journey and be able to get off the highway to diabetestown.

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