Thursday, 19 April 2012

Week 15 Summary

Work has taken priority over fitness this week.

Diet & Fitness

This week has been the first time that I have been able to move around without my legs feeling sore. I don’t believe that it took three weeks to recover from the week that I completed 44km.

Now that my muscles are all better, I am hoping to get back onto the treadmill and restart my Couch25K program and also to walking the dog as I feel like I’ve fallen behind.

Even though I felt better, I just couldn’t bring myself to workout on the days that I was working. I just felt either too drained or just couldn’t be bothered to visit my old friend the treadmill.

Working on improving all those areas throughout the upcoming week. So keep lookout for my comeback in next week’s summary.


I’ve applied for the full time position that is being advertised at the workplace that I am currently temping. I had an informal interview with one of the colleagues and they seem pleased with me experience thus far. I was advised that I will be having an interview with the General Manager on Friday.

I am very happy that I will be interviewed as I really enjoy the workplace and fit into the team well. They are very entertaining and it almost feels like these people hardly work because there’s always laughter and jokes and people talking loudly all the time. Which differs marginally from my previous workplace where I was basically isolated and iced out because the lady that I managed had it in for me and bad mouthed me to everyone.

Regarding the University position, I touched base with the Manager that had interviewed me and mentioned that he would circulate my resume through the University. He advised me that he has sent it to everyone he can think of and he has received three expressions of interests. He mentioned that he will be in communication with those colleagues and that I should touch based with him again this Thursday.

I was so pleased that he had received interest in me as I would absolutely love to work there as it is in the city, it would be a great career move and also they pay very well.

If I had to choose between either it would be very hard as I have already built a very good rapport with the people I am currently temping with but it would make more sense for me to work at the University in terms of career progression.

If you were in my position, which would you choose?

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