Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Week 14 Summary

Is pain a good sign of progress and achievement or not?

Diet & Fitness

I received my weekly summary from Daily Mile and I have beaten a personal record. I achieve to walk / jog 44 Km for the week ending of 1 April and boy am I feeling it. I took my dog for a walk on Monday and the remaining days of the week became hard to work out. My thighs felt like the muscles were being torn off the bones (might be exaggerating a little).

My legs felt really tight and it was painful when I did simple things like walking up stairs. I really felt it over the Easter period. Having to kneel down at church was painful and I really hard to force my muscles to get back up.

I took the week off and got a 2 minutes massage from my dad as I couldn’t handle being massages for any longer. Hope I get back into the swing of things by next week.

Can any of recommend good stretches for the sides of your thighs and sides of the knees?


Well I found out that I didn’t get the University position. But the Manager of the department was very impressed with my resume and interview that he has asked me for my permission to circulate my resume around the University. Let’s hope that something comes from it.

The temp position is going well. I was hired to help out with their education program but so far I am doing a lot of photocopying and collating. Which in hindsight isn’t bad as it’s a smoother transition into the workforce than getting a full time job and being thrown into the deep end to learn a new system.

The people there are very lovely and welcoming. By the end of the week it felt like I had melded into their little department. The person that I report to is very nice and has informed that there is a full time position available in their department. After talking to her about my previous roles, she advised me that I should apply.

I did my research some research and found the position online. After reading the job ad I feel like I have a good chance of getting the position, just need to apply for it now. IT doesn’t pay as much as I was getting at old workplace but I think I need a workplace that has a good environment than paying a lot of money.

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