Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 12 Summary

Diet & Exercise

I completed the first 100km on Daily Mile since joining roughly over a month ago. I am so proud of myself and I am astounded that I have clocked up 100km already.

This Dukan Diet has been quite enlightening. I have to say that I have changed on so many levels. I have been cooking a lot more since my food needs to be prepared a certain way and I have to say that I am quite enjoying it. On odd days, I do get lazy and don’t really want to cook but I have to since I cook a meal at a time.

The diet has made me more focused and more resilient to wanting to binge which was something that I would do quite a bit on previous diets that I had undertaken.

Since being ill the week before I had gained a little over a kilo and this I found that I had been losing it quite quickly an average rate of 300 grams a day which is great. I am now back to a low 92 kg.

Saw my doctor this week to get an updated medical certificate and he mentioned that I should get some blood work done to check whether or not my blood sugar levels had dropped back to normal and if my vitamin D levels had risen. I get the results next week. Hopefully, it will be good news.


I had a Centrelink appointment this week to finalise my application and was 10 minutes late due to not being able to find parking in that area of town. I spoke to a consultant and they advised me that I would have to wait in line as I missed the appointment and would have to reschedule. I cursed in my head as the line was a little long and I knew that I would be waiting at this god forsaken place for hours once again.

After 25 minutes, I was seen by a consultant who took 5 minutes to tell me that I would to take a seat and wait to see someone to make an appointment. I was furious as this just seemed so ridiculous and such a waste of time. After a 35 minute wait, my name was called and it took another 5 minutes for them to make my next appointment and I was done.

I seriously loathe that place and I don’t believe that I had to go there once more next week.


I am still talking to architecture guy but it’s been a bit of a slow process as he doesn’t go onto the site much and neither have I lately. Lately I haven’t really been in the mood to shop for a boyfriend / potential husband. I just feel a bit over it and that I should concentrate my efforts on finding a job for now instead of a man.

So I am going to give that site a rest and only log in to reply to architecture guy. Going forth there won’t be a love portion in 

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