Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Four week review of the Dukan Diet

Over four weeks have passed and I am still loving the Dukan Diet. I have to admit that I have not been completely true to the Dukan Diet (in other words, I haven’t followed it to the letter) but I have seen some good results.

For weeks, I was stuck in a rut of being between 94 to 96 kg and by undertaking the Dukan Diet I was able to break through that barrier and made it to my lowest weight this year of 90.4 kg, which is a loss of almost 4 kilos. Not bad for over four weeks of just eating certain foods and also cheating.

The Dukan Diet was easy to follow as it was just eating the right foods. During the Attack phase (a protein only phase), I ate to my cravings. At that moment I had a big salmon craving so I ate it in different ways. Grilled, as sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi, with cracked pepper and lemon, poached, etc.

The Cruise phase (a mixture of protein only days and protein plus vegetables days) was a bit more difficult for me as I was craving my vegetables. I found that on certain days I was skipping the protein only days and still eating vegetables. I mainly ate broccoli and spinach and my all time favourite, my mixed lettuce that I completely pounced onto.

The Dukan Diet made me feels very healthy. I felt less bloated after my meals, my stomach didn’t feel rock hard after eating like it previously was and wasn’t sticking out like I was pregnant either. I felt like my food was being digested instead of feeling like it was stuck underneath my chest and suffocating me.

Since the Dukan Diet is a low carb and high protein diet, it is said that you may experience constipation. I found that that wasn’t the case with me. I was fairly regular. I found that I became irregular when I reintroduced carb into my diet. Breaking my Dukan Diet has happened over the Easter period and I have found that I have not been regular since.

Though I have cheated plenty of times on this diet (the occasions that this happened have been while being out with friends at restaurants and I’ve had to choose the closest item of food that would be Dukan approved, when I’ve had cravings and gave in, when I’ve been too lazy to cook a Dukan meal and ate what ever had been cooked at home) I think that I’ve still had an amazing success with the diet.

Overall, this is diet that I would recommend to others as it didn’t feel invasive and harsh on my body and it was simple o follow. Success was still gained even though I didn’t stick to the diet 100%.

What has been your experience of the Dukan Diet?


  1. I'm glad you're doing well! Oh, I got to a point where I don't follow any diets that prescribe foods in certain orders or have certain restrictions other than refined carbs. But, I really think that whatever works for a person is an individual choice. I know a bunch of people who eat all foods moderately and keep the weight off--I could never do that! So-know thyself, I guess.

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion, hope you're well too. I completely agree with your statement. Whatever works for you works for you. I have noticed that I have been eating normally lately and have neither gained nor loss weight which is great. But I think I need to stick to the Dukan Diet a bit more to lose the weight that I need to lose.