Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 Km Running Program

Since I’ve been taking advantage of my treadmill a lot more lately, walking seems to be getting slow. Though the way that I have been using the treadmill lately you wouldn’t quite think that it was only for walking or running. It has been my dance floor while I exercise. I have been shaking my booty to some very exciting tunes.

I am not bored it yet but I have always wanted to be able to run 5 Km and since I’m in a motivated state at the moment, I thought that I should incorporate training to be able to run 5 Km.

Since joining the Daily Mile website and seeing everyone post their km and achievements onto the site it has amped me into wanting to be able to get back into running. When I downloaded a compatible app to record my workouts, I noticed it came with several running training plans.

So I decided to start the 5 Km beginner running training program which I started this week. I will provide my progress on this training plan within my weekly summaries.

I would love to hear your experiences with starting a running program.


  1. Regarding your comment on my blog:

    I wear concealer, face powder, a little waterproof eyeliner, powder eyeshadow, and some lip gloss to the gym--all applied lightly. I also hairspray my hair so that my bangs don't flop all over the place when I'm exercising.

    The friends I work out with at the gym were all met at they gym. To this day, I've never convinced a friend outside of gym to come exercise with me.

    :-) Marion

    1. Light application would look nice.

      I have learned from my mistake though. Never working out with mascara on every again hee hee.