Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Restarting the Dukan Diet

After a week of ups and downs, well more downs. I decided to restart the Dukan diet as I was starting to feel very sluggish and also started feeling bloated again, which was something I didn’t feel while being on the Dukan diet.

So Attack phase commences yet again. A week of no vegetables, salads and obviously carbs, but a welcome of steaks, fish and chicken. I seem to be a bit in love with salmon at the moment, so the fridge has been stacked with raw salmon, smoked salmon and flavoured salmon. Lots of yummy foods to eat.

Starting weight is 92.9 kg

This is approximately 2 kilos lower than when I first started the Dukan diet 2 weeks ago. So according to the Dukan website I should be down 2.7 kg after completing the Attack phase for 7 days. Then the Cruise phase will kick in and I should be down 27 kg after completing the Cruise phase for 187 days, which should be mid-September.

So here we go again.

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