Saturday, 31 March 2012

Week 10 Summary

Perseverance has been my challenge this week.

Diet & Exercise

I have been working out hard and eating almost right but the scales just don’t seem to reflect it at all, which is VERY FRUSTRATING!!

I started the Cruise Phase of the Dukan diet this week. The Cruise phase consists of having a protein day followed by a protein combined with complex carbs in the form of vegetables day.

This has been a challenge for me as I love my salads and I am finding that I am not having a protein only day after eating vegetables or salads. Something that I have to work on I guess.

Good thing though, this morning’s weigh in has put a lovely smile on my face. 92.1 kg :D


Since I am no longer employed, I have had to go and visit Centrelink this week. For non-Australian, Centrelink is a government-funded scheme that assists unemployed individuals like myself.

It was a pain to go there, as there is always a line. After waiting in line for over an hour, the consultant advised me that I should use their phone service to get more information on my situation. So off I went to the phone section and dialed the right number. After a 35 minute wait of listening to classical music, a human voice was heard and they gave me advice but as the reason for leaving my work was a bit complicated she advised that I should talk to another department to double check which scheme I should be on. So another 40 minute wait and the person I spoke confirmed the same information that the previous phone consultant told me.

So I spent over 2 hours at this place, only to be told that a person will be calling me the following week to get further information on my situation. After all that, to me it’s easier to go to work than having to wait around Centrelink for unemployment payments.


Organised a date with a lovely Christian boy. We met up at a coffee shop at night and just had a lovely. He was very interesting and nice. On a previous phone conversation I had advised that I was available during the day and at the end of our lovely conversation he organised a second with me for the following day.

I met him at his house and we went for a mid-morning coffee. The conversation started out normal but then he started talking about religion and contesting certain things that I believe in. I automatically felt turned off by him. He was someone that I was kind of looking for, cute, nice guy that’s into religion but even though I go to church everyday and I have my faith, I don’t like talking about religion or debating about it for hours. I have to say that was one of the most uncomfortable conversations I have been in. I was sitting there, hoping that it would stop.  I think he caught on after a while and changed the subject. At the end of that date, he organised to see me again the following day. I told him that I would play it by ear and confided in a friend for advice who told me not to dismiss so quickly.

So the following day, I went to his place to watch a movie. We just hung out and while I was on the couch I was hoping that he would make a move and he didn’t. So I automatically allocated him to being a friend. Once the movie ended and I had to go home, he grab me by my waist and held me. It was nice but all I could think of was “Oh my god, he’s making a move and he’s probably going to kiss me’. And he did. I went along with it and came out with sore lips. Not because we were kissing for a long but because my lips were literally vacuumed into his mouth. My lips were sore the whole drive home. After that performance and having doubts about whether we click or not, I decided that we would be better as friends and told so.


  1. Regarding not losing weight, sometimes a person will hold the weight for a while if you are exercising a lot. One time, I watched my weight during 3 months of vigorous exercise and did not see a drop at all. Then, all of a sudden, I lost 8 pounds! If you are reducing calories, it will happen.

    Re your date: I can't imagine how awful that was to argue about religion for so long. You know, the most faith-filled people I know talk more about helping others, and much less about religious issues.<<That didn't speak well for him at all! I think you could have handled a clumsy/bad kiss had the guy been really good in other ways. Keep trying!

    :-) Marion

    1. I think you may be right there Marion. The days that I worked out more, I found that I either didn't lose weight the following day or only lost 100 grams. But if I weighed myself the day a rest day, I found that I lost between 300 - 500 grams.

      I find this completely bizarre and it at times is really depressing because I thought burning up what you would help in the process of fat burning and weight loss.