Monday, 5 March 2012


The time of year where I really practice self control.

In the past, I have found that I always start off a little rocky and tend to accidentally cheat on the thing that I’ve given up for 40 days. Then I regroup and everything is done to the letter. Previously things I’ve given up throughout lent have mainly been food related, such as meat, rice, bread, etc.

This year seems to be quite challenging.

For the first time I actually knew when lent was coming up so I had no excuse to start late. I wanted to do something with more meaning than just give a food item in the hope that it will help me lose weight. So I thought I would give up three things this year.

The first is to reduce my swearing. The fact is curse words are just coming out of my mouth like water comes out of a tap. For example, I tried to make a table booking for dinner and after waiting forever to be transferred to correct section of the restaurant, the lady that answered the phone sounded as though she pretended not to hear me and hung up on me. First thing out of my mouth was “MOTHER F…..!!!”. I’m sure you can fill in the blank space. A go to word that seems to be used quite a lot when frustrated or while experiencing some mild frustration with people that don’t know how to drive is ‘Geez!!” but most of the time it comes out as “JESUS!!!!”. I am sure he has far better things to do other than listen to me say his name in vain lol.

I thought I would give up refined carbohydrates again as my second item of penance. This is a big challenge but it does have some personal gain.

Hence why I thought that for my third item I should really give up or reduce something that I absolutely love and that it to cut down on my TV viewing. Watching movies and these silly reality shows are my entertainment and my wind down time. So I thought I would try and sacrifice that for the next 40 days.

So far it’s been two weeks into the process and I have broken all of the things I have set out not to do. The curses words are still flowing, this week I’ve gone back to eating rice and bread as it was much simpler to just eat what my mum had prepared instead of worrying about what to while we are going through this time of grief and I’ve even prepared a cake/tart today that I will share the recipe with you all in another post as it is the simplest thing ever and quite delish. I have also been eyeing new shows that are starting and still following the ones I love.

So come this Monday 5 March I will be making a recommitment to the three things I originally decided to give up, swearing, refined carbohydrates and less TV watching.

What have you given up for lent?

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