Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Week 8 Summary

The weather seems to be going through puberty in Sydney. One minute sweltering heat and the next I find myself looking through my closet for warm clothes and getting the heater out.

This is affecting my body tremendously as it means “The return of the headaches and migraines”. Two consecutive days of pain and me popping my strong painkillers like they were Skittles.

Diet & Exercise

Luckily the headaches didn’t occur until the end of the week, which meant a healthier diet than the weeks before and a lot more exercise.

Here are some photos of the foods I ate this week.

This was my first attempt at preparing Japanese foods. I was really hoping that I wouldn't end up with food poisoning. Luckily I didn't and it was a lovely dish that I had it twice for dinner.

This was delish. I bought it pre-seasoned so all I did was to cook it. So nice that I had it twice for lunch.

This meal was a meal on the run while shopping and being completely hungry. Tried to stay away from carbs but little did I know that the chicken tenderloin was thickly battered, the devilled chicken was also crumbed, the chicken ribs had some really sweet sticky coating on them and the marinated chicken was cooked with it's skin on.

Overall, it was a great disappointment as the only thing that tasted nice was the marinated chicken and devilled chicken.

Late night snack

I had a chilli craving and it's quite hard to ignore a chilli craving when you are a chilli addict.

Ended the week with a bad drink and food

While browsing some blogs and sites, I came across this amazing site, Daily Mile. I have been on there for a week and have found it quite helpful in terms of motivation to get my ass off the couch and workout.

The members on there are motivating and supportive. There’s a great functionality to send someone a motivation icon to help them continue with their goal. The forums are great for finding friends with similar interests. There is a section that allows you to join the currently active challenges and also to create your own challenge. I ended up creating my own challenge instead of joining. A while ago, I had mentioned that I had wanted to walk the distance between Sydney and Melbourne. I had started that challenge but hadn’t kept up with it much as it got to be a pain to continually calculate the total amount that I had walked and also the remaining amount. Well now I don’t have to do that because the site automatically records that for me.

Click here if you would like to join me in this challenge too.


Just when I was starting to despair and think that I was only second best in the employment area as I always seem to miss being employed as the employer had found someone who’s has a slight edge over me because they know the system or have slightly more experience in a particular area, I get phone call from an agency regarding a job I had applied for.

On the way to the interview, I receive another call and it just happened to be someone from the same agency. My one interview with the agent turned into two interviews with two agents. I got along well with both agents and felt confident as I was now in line for two positions.

This week has also been a week of reflection about the future for me. Being turned down because you are only slightly less good than someone else had made me think about furthering my studies and getting a degree that would give me an edge above other candidates.

I originally wanted to enroll in a Bachelor of Adult Education as I coordinate and manage courses and seminars but the course was only available during the daytime, which would interfere with work.

Further investigating led me to a Bachelor of Training and Development, a one year course which had quite a few prerequisites. I called and I found out that I had to have at least 196 credit points of prerequisites in the form of previous courses undertaken and work experience which I have both. I have some issues though one of my courses may not be recognised as it does not have a national recognised logo on it and I also require a letter from my employer stating that I have the length of experience I mentioned (very difficult since I am in a legal dispute with them). So possible solution could that I ask my previous employer for a statement of some sort which could be quite tricky.


As I was in the city for my interview, I had arranged to meet with one of the guys I had been talking to online. We met at a bar in the city and had a lovely conversation and it seemed like we had quite a few things in common. The only downside would be that as the night progressed and I was looking at him, he kept reminding me of a cousin that I have. Once I made that connection, the attraction bug flew out of the door and he was slotted into the friend basket. I actually mentioned that he reminded me of my cousin in an attempt to subtly hint that I’m this quite odd but I don’t think he made the connection and now he is trying to setup other dates. I am not as keen to catch up now because I am not attracted to him and also because he lives quite far away (about 40 Km from where I reside) and he does not drive.

How do I tell him gently that I just want to be friends?

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