Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Week 6 Summary

What a horrible week that was!!!

Diet & Exercise

I had horrible migraines for 4 days out of 7 that week. They all stemmed from a whiplash neck injury I got while in a car crash over 2 years ago. It gets aggravated at times and that week it was due to my hair feeling heavy (a mixture of having thick hair and also the sweat from my workout) and also from the workouts that I’ve been doing.

Sticking to my diet has been quite hard. These extreme headaches have increased my appetite for bad foods such as potato chips, fried foods, bread and soft drinks.

Workouts went from active to none as any movement made me feel sick and aggravated my sore neck. So for 4 days I was in a horizontal position with lots of pillows under my neck. By being in this position so much and eating all that crappy food, it felt like I went into a carb/junk coma afterwards and slept for a few hours.

Being sedentary and all that eating made my weight go from 92.5 Kg to 93.8 Kg. It was disappointing to get back to that weight after seeing such progress the week before on the Dukan Diet.


The interview I attended went surprising well. Answered all questions that were fired at me and asked quite a few inquisitive questions. I felt a good connection with both interviewers.

A day later I received a phone call from one of the interviewers, advising me that I had been shortlisted for the role. I was told that I would know whether I had the position or not by the end of the week.

The end of the week came and I received a call telling me that I had not secured the position as there was another applicant that was well versed with the system they were using at their workplace. But I was given great feedback and also to give them a call in a few months as there could be a position available at that company for me as that particular department was expanding.

I guess the outcome was not all that bad.

Back to square one I go with getting back on the job-hunting websites.


Well surprise, surprise. No response from Mr. I’m too busy to send a text or email. Oh well, no great loss to me as I got turned off him after that whole waiting game that he put me through.

Good thing is that the online dating site is working out well for me. I’ve been chatting up a storm with quite a few people that I’ve lost track of the names of the guys and also their basic interests that they told me. Hopefully I will be into one of them.

My love life is starting to look a little like a telenovela or Bold and the Beautiful without all the incestuous relationships of course :)


  1. I definitely understand the pain of migraines!! Despite cravings, oily and foods can actually intensify migraines - definitely try to stay as hydrated as possible. Hope you feel better!!

    Glad you went through a positive interview experience - hopefully things will look up soon on both the work and love front :)

    1. I think you were right, the crap food didn't help with the migraines at all. I think it just subconsciously gave a euphoric moment then went back to the banging, pounding, horrible migraine that it was.

      Thanks, I really needed that positive note regarding work and love.