Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 5 Summary

This summary has been quite delayed but I’ve been quite preoccupied this week. Apologies for such a long and picture intense post.

Diet & Exercise

This week was the beginning of my Dukan Diet. Attack phase for 7 days. For more information on how the Attack phase works click here.

30 January: Weight - 94.3 Kg, walked the dog for 30 minutes
31 January: 93.7 Kg, walked the dog for 30 minutes
1 February: 93 Kg, walked 10.35 Km on the treadmill
2 February: 92.7 Kg, walked the dog for 30 minutes
3 February: 93.2 Kg, walked 5 Km on the treadmill
4 February: 92.8 Kg, walked the dog for 30 minutes
5 February: 92.5 Kg, walked the dog for 30 minutes

Overall weight loss: 1.8 Kg

Not quite the anticipated 2.7 Kg weight loss as per the Dukan calculator but it's still a loss.

Foods eaten throughout he week have mainly been beef. Here are photos of a few meals eaten.


Didn’t do too well in this department this past week at all. Received quite a few disappointing phone calls from the places that I had interviewed at. I was also brought down slightly by receiving an email from my current employment stating that I would be terminated because I had yet to recover from my injury. This didn’t phase me as much as I thought because I suspected that that would have been the outcome. This did raise my stress level though because of the negative outcomes of my interviews.

So in a bit of a panic I hit the job sites with a fury and gained one interview for a part time role. Fingers crossed that I do get the job.


Oh what a rollercoaster.

Ended up chatting to the guy I was being set up with and we exchanged a few emails and photos. Everything was going well and we decided to go on a date. We had dinner at a Korean place and the conversation was good. As it is daylight savings here the sun does not set until at least 8pm, so it was quite bright at 7:30pm so we had a coffee and chatting some more. We were talking about the nationalities that we had dated previously and I found out that he had only gone out with Asian and I felt so awkward as the suburb we had agreed to have dinner was mainly Asian based. I asked him why he wanted to get to know and said that he was taken my how attractive I was, which was good enough for me.

As we finished out coffee and didn’t have anything else to do in that area and I thought we could go for a walk near a waterfront suburb that looked to the city. We walked around for a bit and then sat down on a bench where we discussed a few movies that we wanted to see. I could see that he was trying to lean into me at times but then pulled away. Out of the blue he blurted out that he had wanted to kiss me ever since we sat down but each time he tried someone walked past us. I thought that was so cute but then it kinda made things a bit awkward afterwards as all the sudden no one was there. Luckily it ended up being a good kiss.

The night kinda ended after that. He mentioned that he would have to look at getting a car as he wanted to see more of me and I thought that was a good sign and we had made plans to catch a movie throughout the week. The next day we didn’t quite text that much. Then Monday came around and I hadn’t heard from him at all. This really annoyed me and I felt like I had to chase him. I spoke to some of my friends and they told me not to message and see if he sends something. By Tuesday, I cracked and I sent him an email saying hello. After I had received a response, I asked him if he was still interested in meeting up during the week as I thought he had lost interest due to the lack of communication. He explained that he was busy at work and I understand that but it doesn’t take hours to write a text to see how someone is. Funny enough that day I also received a call from a friend who works nights and even he was annoyed at this guys behaviour.

This lack of contact had turned me off a bit and the responses that I was getting was just not good enough and I just started to care less and thought well if he writes back then good but if it doesn’t then it’s not skin off my nose. But it must be a really busy week for him as it’s been a few days since I’ve heard from him lol.

Anyways, I’ve been back on the dating website chatting to other guys in the mean time and looking for someone else who is willing to show a bit more interest.


  1. Good luck on the job front :o) and the guy!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. All the best with your weight loss endeavours!
    Liz N (

  3. I don't know anything about the Dukan diet, but I do know that any change in eating habits will take time to show its results. Patience and consistency are key.
    Sorry you're having a rough time with work. I do hope it gets sorted out soon.
    As for the guy ... sometimes guys really are busy. Don't brush him off just yet :)

    1. Thanks, you're right regarding the "patience and consistency are key".

      I hope that this whole work issue gets sorted soon too as I need to start getting some income.

      I understand that everyone is busy at times but if my busy friends can find the time to give me a quick 5 minute call while at work, he could have made some effort too. I think I deserve someone that will want to make an effort to get me.