Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Week 20 Summary

Diet & Fitness

This week has been about reducing my meal sizes. Though I have to say that I am not succeeding at all. It seems that since I’ve made that decision, my brain has flicked a switch that has sent signals of “eat more” to my stomach. I have been indulging in some of my old favourites like hot chips, Hungry Jacks Whooper burger and chocolate.

A friend of mine has been trying to convince me to try a the latest meal replacement shake on the market that she’s using but funny enough I feel like I would be cheating on my Dukan diet by doing that which is quite ironic seeing as I had already cheated on my diet with eating junk. After being told that it was on sale at the supermarket, I decided to go investigate and see the ingredients that were in there. I was shocked by the amount of carbs and sugars that were in there. I seriously don’t understand how people are losing weight with it. I ended up putting it back on the shelf and went to the outer perimeters to the store to look at getting some protein (real food not a shake) that were on special.


I seem to have hit my slump of not wanting to apply for jobs yet again. I have open so many windows within my browser with all these positions that I could apply for. But each time I go to look at them, I open up my resume and covering letter then I freeze. I don’t know if it is due to me not wanting this chillaxed state to end or if I can’t be bothered to tailor my covering to address the criteria they have set only to be told that I am not eligible for the position. I guess I am having some issues with rejection that I need to work through.

How do you turn a negative into a positive?


  1. I have found, in 14 years of on-off dieting, that the only way I can control my meal sizes is to decide how much I am going to eat and then weigh my food.

  2. How do you turn a negative into a positive? Well, one way is to turn those negative stress chemicals around with a vigorous workout at the gym. <<That almost always makes me feel a lot better.

    Have you tried a temp agency? A lot of employers want to first hire an applicant temporarily to see weeks of work before offering a full time position.

    :-) Marion